Who is Nick, really?

Nick Launay is first and foremost a Record Producer, an Engineer and a Mixer.  Some would also brand him a fantastic Fashion Designer, but that's a story for another website.  Nick has produced hundreds of records spanning over forty years of sonic service, and has worked with a plethora of ground shattering, chart topping & trend setting music artists.  


  • BORN:  not verified
  • HEIGHT: 6'1" vertical, 6'5" horizontal
  • WEIGHT: 137 lbs, 2.5 stone
  • COLOR EYES: blue, green, red
  • COLOR HAIR: a simple brown
  • AVRG BODY TEMP: 89.5 farenheit
  • CHILDREN: yes
  • LIKES MUSIC: yes
  • FASHION SENSE:  Exquisite


Nicolas Launay is represented by the very fabulous Mr. Sandy Roberton, who can be found working 24/7 at the lovely offices of World's End Management.
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