In a conversation with Nick, he explaind he wanted to make the next Bad Seeds album in a residential studio somewhere in the english country side, away from it all so we could get lost in our thoughts for a LONG TIME !!
A long time for cave is ONE week.
He admits often that he has an impatiance for things.
I would also describe this impatiance as extreame focus and unparalleled keenness to capture a moment before "we all crawl up our own asses and its lost forever"

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UnpushOut in the countryside near Melbourne Australia...

After spending a very loud evening side of stage on a farm in Meredith, watching GRINDERMAN do the last gig of their tour 
we traveled in a big Van with the band back to Melbourne.
The next morning Straight into Sing Sing Studios Melbourne with the Bad Seeds to throw some ideas around. Nick has some strories and poems
they Jam solidly for 3 days , later in the following year the best of these Jams later become the 
June 24 I fly to the south of France to continue that Bad Seeds Album 
This time the studio is La Fabrique , a HUGE Mill originally built for Napoleon to make unique  Blue uniformswith Red Trousers for his Troops... 
I thought it would be a good idea as the red would hide the blood, unfortunatly the Red also made them an easy target for the enemy.

Oh Dear ! 

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nick yeahyeahyeah5 days at James Iha's studio (Stratosphere) having the best time imaginable with one of my favorite bands on earth... the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. There was such a buzz in the air!

We set it up so Karen could sing her vocals live from a room up above the control room... so she could look down through a large window and see Brian and Nick going wild in the main recording area below.

Things got really crazy!... I don't think she had ever had that view of Brian thumping his drums. He looked like some giant maniac insect. The control room was shaking from Miss O jumping up and down, giggling, and crazy noises. Glad to say it was all captured on tape.

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nickcave supergrassFuck, I missed my flight! Arrived 4 hours late to start rehearsals... How very unprofessional!

Berlin! What a city, I wanna move here NOW! We worked at the Old Hansa Studio where Bowie did Low, Heroes, and Scary Monsters, Iggy did Lust for Life, and U2 did Achtung!

Quite an adventure. We recorded some very loud raw sounding tracks and lots of rolling around and laughing was done. Supergrass is the funniest band I've ever worked with. I love 'em! After a month in Berlin, we flew to LA and mixed 1/2 the LP at Seedy Underbelly Studios. We will finish mixing the rest in August.

nickcave badseeds 2NEXT... off to London for another adventure with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds... this time in a private studio Im not allowed to mention cos it's Private! Nuf Said !

All I can say is... that Warren's Beard is out of control and he has THINGS living in it, Jim's Beard is fantastic!, Nick's Mustache is worthy of a mexican porn star.

The album is VERY GOOD, and grooves like a mothafukker !

Stay tuned for more...

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